Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekly Blog 12/3/09 - 12/8/09

1. The most significant thing I learned this week was about Astrobiology. I find the subjust facinating however its a subject that one can get easily lost in the jargon.

2. I would like to learn more about the kind of facts that astrobiology have discovered or on the verge of discovering.

3. This intro to the course is a great way to show students that we can have different backgrounds and that shouldn't limit us in what kind of field we would like to take up.

Weekly Blog 11/26/09 - 12/1/09

1. The most significant thing that I learned this week was how difficult it is to agree on how or what to teach. I found this from doing our digital story, it basically took us most of the class period to only narrow down what subject we wanted to talk about and then go over some animations that we would like to include.

2. I would love to work on more collaborative work, it helps to practice communication skills.

3. I can see how learning to work with other teachers can help support my own teachings. It helps me view my subject area in different perspectives.