Thursday, September 9, 2010


On the first day of school, I came into the classroom not knowing what I was in for. I was uncertain of what my clear role was going to be for these first few days in class--was I to be involved? If I was supposed to be involved, how was I to incorporate myself without feeling like I was intruding? Or am I to just speak when I was spoken to? Either way, I spent my first day of school sitting at a desk taking notes....for...all...5...classes! Might I say that they are some detailed notes! However, since I'm in two PreCalculus classes and three Algebra 1 classes, my notes became very repetitious which in the end makes sense since the material and lesson plans for each class should be the same. I saw how the dynamics of each class differed as each class period changed. Many freshman and a few sophomores are in the Algebra 1 classes and those classes tended to need the most reminders for the noise level while the PreCalculus class that consisting mostly of juniors also had a few volume adjustments but overall were easier to get back on the listening track.

My cooperating teacher did so kindly introduced me as the student intern to all his classes made them aware that I would be teaching some of the classes later on. I really do appreciate this introduction, my only fear is that students won't ask me for help because "it's not my turn" to be teacher but that is why I declare that tomorrow I will be a little bit more assertive in my intern role. It's not my cooperating teacher's responsibility to tell me what to do in class but to guide me and he is very willing and open to the suggestions that I have, it is my own assertiveness that I need to check.

Today I will continue to take very detailed notes, but I think as the day progresses I will have to put the pen down and start moving around the classroom because I'm really getting tired of writing. Tomorrow we have planned for me to take attendance to help me start memorizing the students' names and I'm excited!

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