Monday, November 22, 2010

Using the Waiting Technique for Classroom Management

Since I am not one to do much yelling, I thought that I would use the classroom management technique of waiting to get student's attention during a lesson. I found that it works, where some students do start telling each other to be quiet but after I start the lesson again the talking resumes. My CT advised me that after being silent, I must make sure that whatever I had to say next, I had to give the impression that it is very important. We tried to narrow down a specific example of what he meant by it because I was a bit confused but unfortunately we were not able to come up with one. At one point, when the silent treatment wasn't working, I did tell the class to let me know when they were ready to resume class and when they said they were ready they still were talking to each other so then I added, "if you guys are ready that means I'm talking and you guys are listening". I seemed to capture their attention for a little longer and then for some reason lost them again in about 10 minutes. I am still working on my classroom management skills and looking for any kind of suggestions short of a severe consequence (like handing out detentions). It's not just one student that misbehaves, at times it's the entire class.


  1. Classroom management will be the area you struggle with most in the first 5 years of being a teacher.

  2. I started trying something today that is helping. One of my classes has a lot of chatty students. My CT usually says, "Can I have your attention please." I tried just doing that, but it wasn't working well for me. So today, I tried, "Can I have your attention please?" And after a few seconds, "That means there should be no talking, and all eyes should be on me." This helps a lot, and if a student continues to talk, instead of asking them to stop talking, I ask them to turn around and look at me. It seems like when they are looking at me they are less inclined to talk to the people around them.