Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate graphs of various equations into tests/worksheets purely electronically. I can see how it is much easier to create our desired graphs on graph paper and then cut and paste but I think that by eliminating the middle step of creating graphs by hand, I would save some time. I knew that I could used excel to make my grids but I didn't feel it was user-friendly in creating more complicated equations aside from linear equations. Another option is using the ActivBoard program (which offers a free trial period) which allows you to create graphs, shapes and other various math-related materials on a flip chart. Then what ever you create on the ActivBoard program you can cut out the image and past it on to a word document. Although a person may not have the ActivBoard,they still have the ability to access the program.

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  1. FATHOM or the NCTM manipulative. Remind me and I will show you tonight