Saturday, October 16, 2010

Technology Fritz

It is an inevitability that if technology is used as part of a daily regiment that there's bound to be technical difficulties. One day while using an interactive white board two students were working on problems on balancing equations and one of the pens seemed to not make connections to the board however, after a few moments and some clicking here and there, the equation managed to get balanced and the students returned to their seats. After class, I brought up questions about student's willingness to participate in class despite obvious complications that other students have. It has come to my attention that these students what the opportunity to "play" on the interactive white board. They are eager to participate knowingly that they may have the unreliable pen. But for those students who may be a little more shy in being in front of the class, there is a tablet that a student can use at their desks that also has the same functions as the pen. I found it fascinating that such things exist-it's like a giant mouse pad that controls the over-sized computer monitor at the front of the class---->I love it! As I learn more technol0gy that can be utilized in the classroom, I am excited to experiment with each to find a district with these kinds of resources to hire me! =)

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