Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 12th Blogging Activity

Given the view of schooling in the readings for this week, which technologies do you think are most likely to be taken up in schools? Why? Which technologies push your thinking about teaching and learning? Why? Do these two lists necessarily line up?

I think the integration of any sort of new educational tool will help encourage learning even if it is directed towards a small few. However, this wouldn't be the most intelligent way to distribute the school's financial budget. The kinds of technologies that schools probably will invest in are ones that are not as costly which therefore results in low quality (although this is not always the case). But also based on the reading, the kinds of technology integrated in schools will have to be accepted by most teachers and administrators which then creates difficulty in agreeing on one tool becuase of differences in opinions. The kinds of technologies that I believe would be most easily accepted into school are things that can be considered necessities-overhead projectors, PCs, TVs, recorders, scanners-other types of equipment that is practically seen in lots of classes now. However these necessary tools are not exactly the ones that would promote to push a student's thinking or a teacher's learning. I don't think that what we find necessary in class is exactly parallel to what we could use to help promote better curriculum or student learning. Integration of certian computer programs in math classes or science classes can give students an alternative to a way of learning through interactive play and without the health risks or mess (primarily in science classes). I believe that students should be given the opportunity to explore and find the best way they can learn and therefore create their own success.

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