Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weekly Blog 11/4/09 - 11/9/09

a. The most significant thing I learned in class this week concerned the idea of whether computer games were significant tools for learning. There were many arguments for and against playing computer games but the most important concept that I took away from the class was that everyone will have a different opinion about the importance that computer games have in education. Some people believe that playing computer games are a waste of time and not a good substitute for real life experiences, however others make the argument that computer games gives kids the opportunity to experience things that they otherwise would not have the change to do.
b. I don't have any questions about the last class, in fact I found it to be a very interesting discussion topic. Although I was set in my own ideas, I was able to be exposed to others ideas.
c. I think that perhaps this topic of whether computer games can be educational to students would be a great way to open thinking with students. If brought up during class, it can be a great way to start a discussion that would involve student's opinions and therefore we as teachers would be able to hear the opinion of those people that this discussion affects the most...our future students.

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