Tuesday, October 6, 2009

48 Hours of Twittering

This was my first time twittering, and as I posted on my first comment on twitter...it was a whole new experience for me. The things I gained from this experience was being able to learn some of the things that my fellow classmates enjoy or do not enjoy in life. For those who are good at conveying their feelings in words--I gained incite towards their personalities. This assignment made it so that those people who would most likely keep to themselves in class had the equal opportunity to post comments, or made it so that there is enough anonymity that we don't have to feel awkward about posting comments. Yet at the same time, I believe that this assignment took me outside of my bubble--a little outside my comfort level. I've found that I'm not one to make public the events of my life or perhaps my feelings about something that happened to me on a certain day-why would anyone care? But the value that I can find in Twitter, is that we can open lines of communication without trying to formulate some kind of 'ice breaker' or creating awkwardness. Twitter is easily available and not a complicated tool to used, therefore it is easy for people of all ages to participate. If I were to keep my Twitter account, I would have the option of talking to my fellow classmates without the exchange of phone numbers or if I had a question...I could address the whole class--where one person is bound to know the answer.

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