Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Daily Blogging Tuesday 10/13-Wednesday 10/14

(I'm sorry I find it very difficult to keep up with blogging every day.)

Tuesday 10.13.09
Today my encounter with technology was more via dicussion, or the frustration that another person had with technology. This gentleman was on vacation and was not aware that we sent out letters letting our clients know that their debit cards had been compromised and they will be reissued new card in the following weeks. So he came into the bank frustrated that he could not access funds using his debit card and I had to make him aware that a new card was issued to him and he should have received it already. So, the card he currently had was automatically closed and cannot be reopened unless he could not locate the new card. The gentleman was not rude about the situation but more frustrated about his predicament. This just goes to show how much we rely on technology...even a simple debit card can alter the way we go about the day.

Wednesday 10.14.09
I receive email from one of my email accounts to my phone so I can be updated on emails--especially the important ones, where I would need to respond back right away. I didn't leave my phone home today however, I recall a time where I did leave it home and I felt "naked". It's the feeling that you left your shoes behind and won't be able to function without it, this concept may seem silly but I goes to show that I know for a fact that I rely heavily on technology to get me through the day. If I do leave my phone home then I have to find other means of communication such as emailing and IMing...which all revolve around the need for techonolgy for means of communication (for me at least).

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