Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekly Blog 10/16/09 - 10/21/09

a. The most significant thing I learned in class this week was Geometry Sketchpad. I find that sketchpad would have helped me a lot in trying to teach geometry and lines to students that I had tutored previously. I felt that I had to take a lot of class time drawing versus teaching, but having this kind of program would cut that drawing time drastically. The only issue is having computers and projectors all available in every single classroom.
b. I don't have any questions really at this point, but I would LOVE to discover more websites useful to teachers and other programs available.
c. I can't see why NOT Geometry sketchpad wouldn't be integrated into classroom lesson plans. I think that using this kind of technology makes math exciting and enables students to become their own teachers in being able to manipulate shapes and figures themselves.

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