Thursday, October 29, 2009

Useful Websites for Teachers

Some blogs that will be useful to make classes more tech integrated:
1. This site gives other sites that are subject oriented. It is a blog of a current teacher. There are other valuable links on this blog that is updated daily.
2. this site provides a calculator game that tests a student's ability to manipulate numbers available to get a certian value.
3. creating flash cards
4. useful for uploading class videos for those students who miss class. This would make lessons available for those students who cannot attend.
5. I found that having a wiki page makes it easy for students to access school assignments and notes from class or posting messages to students from the teachers.
6. allows teachers to post relevant subject info from that otherwise will blocked due to security features put on computers at school. You can convert youtube videos to the video compatible file to your computer.
7. This site gives applets of certain math concepts that students can manipulate for themselves. Good way to give a hands on experience less the paper and pencil.
8. This website gives free teaching resources on different websites. Good way to find worksheets that would be valuable as a learning piece in class. Also gives other misc. math facts.
9. a way to present information via video. Can do short 30-sec videos for free or if purchased, can do full length videos. Can edit videos by choosing pictures and music to put on digital video.
10. or would be valuable because you can create your own websites for class or personal.

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