Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weekly Blog 10/8/09 -10/15/09

1. I have learned that blogging is difficult to do on a daily basis. I feel that whenever I'm in front of the computer is only out of necessity, I don't really web surf because I get bored easily. However, one thing that I was really excited to be introduced to was Fathom. I remember when I was tutoring math, I wanted to create grids or show how a slope can change. This would have been most advantageous for those students who are visual learners and also for those students who for example are learning lines for the first time.
2. I would love to work more with Fathom and discover and experiment with the kind of operations it can do. I would like to know how to access it, or is it possible to access it if you are not a certified teacher?
3. I can see Fathom used in the classroom, I think it will make a lot of applications easier and help visual learners to remain captivated in class.

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